Baby Got Back 2 [Bulgaria Part 2]

After a whirlwind trip to Belgium, I boarded a plane to return to Sofia. Upon landing and making it through border security in the midst of a stag party (which was more difficult than the security process itself), I ordered a taxi and went straight to the bus station. The taxi ordering fella didn’t even switch to English for me. Score. Upon getting to the bus … Continue reading Baby Got Back 2 [Bulgaria Part 2]


When thinking about my trip to Bulgaria, I figured that if I was going to travel all the way to Europe then I should at least see another country. I debated on revisiting a place I loved or checking off a new place. Belgium came to mind when I realized a sorority sister, Kaelyn, was teaching in Brussels. A little research revealed inexpensive flight options, … Continue reading Belgium

Baby Got Back

Ok, to be grammatically correct, “Baby returned.” And by “baby” I mean myself–not a term I or anyone else regularly uses to describe me (thankfully). I digress. I returned to Bulgaria as soon as I could after school ended. I didn’t even get to finish my “end of the school year” blog before jumping into the adventures of this week. I am torn on what … Continue reading Baby Got Back


Before I really started traveling and living abroad, I would say my list of countries to visit was quite small. Ireland was definitely on that short list. As a kid, I would have never imagined myself living in Eastern Europe, much less visiting most of it. When considering where to go for spring break, I decided I would go somewhere I have wanted to visit … Continue reading Ireland

My First Cup of Coffee

My, oh, my, it has been over a month since I have written and shared the ongoings of life here. January can be summarized by “It’s Friday, time to take the bus to Sofia.” As I have been preparing for endeavors post-Fulbright, I have found myself in Sofia multiple weeks in a row for various errands. Thankfully those are beginning to wrap-up, and in the … Continue reading My First Cup of Coffee


During my recent trip to Ukraine, Emily and I took a tour of Chernobyl, the site of worst nuclear disaster in history. We took a tour through SoloEast Travel which has been running official Chernobyl Tours the longest of any company. Chernobyl has officially been open to visitors since 2011 and has around 10,000 visitors a year. Our tour took place on a rainy, Saturday … Continue reading Chernobyl


Over ten years ago, I sat in a middle school classroom and was told the country for my presentation would be Ukraine. Apart from making the Powerpoint background the Ukrainian flag (a simple but beautiful blue and yellow) and a photo of a beach, I remember nothing about what I learned about Ukraine. I realize this probably defeated the entire purpose of the project, sorry … Continue reading Київ/Kyiv/Kiev