Home. This word has changed its meaning for me over time. Being in Bulgaria has made me question what home really means. When I say “Back home…” am I talking about the USA as a whole? Alabama? Memphis? For the first few months of living in Bulgaria, my students thought I my hometown was Memphis because I talked about it so much. As a kid … Continue reading Home

The Big Dance

It seems to be tradition to name my March blog post in line with the NCAA basketball tournament with last year’s March Madness and now “The Big Dance.” March has brought little NCAA basketball to my life here in Bulgaria except a few Facebook updates of people mentioning their joining of the Loyola bandwagon. However, March has brought A LOT of dancing, including a performance AKA “The … Continue reading The Big Dance

My First Cup of Coffee

My, oh, my, it has been over a month since I have written and shared the ongoings of life here. January can be summarized by “It’s Friday, time to take the bus to Sofia.” As I have been preparing for endeavors post-Fulbright, I have found myself in Sofia multiple weeks in a row for various errands. Thankfully those are beginning to wrap-up, and in the … Continue reading My First Cup of Coffee