About the Blog

The Blog:

I created this blog upon the return from my inaugural trip to Kenya. I had so many stories and lessons to share, so I thought a blog would be the best place to write about all I experienced. Instead, I found myself lost for words and unsure of posting anything online; therefore, Spaghetti and Slippers sat here inactive for three years.

As I came upon my final semester of college, I returned confident in my stories and writing that I felt that I should share–if not for anyone else to read, then at least for me to document and process what I have learned throughout my undergraduate time.

Now, I have graduated and this blog continues to be an outlet to write about life lessons and document my time in the Fulbright Program*.

The Name:

As I said above, the blog was created after my initial trip to Kenya. The pastor over the orphanage wanted to get the children gifts for the New Year, so on New Year’s Day 2013, my team bought slippers (American flip-flops) and spaghetti for all 200 children at the Fiwagoh Mission Home.

When we returned to the orphanage that day, we shared with the children the gifts we had purchased. I have never seen such immense celebration over any gifts–especially spaghetti noodles and flip-flops. Then, a great event ensued where all the children lined up as my team and I tried to find the best pair of slippers to fit each child’s feet. I remember trying to help the children try on these slippers and finding it confusing that the kids only wanted the slippers that seemed much too large for their feet. I don’t know if this was due to them not ever wearing the right size before or wanting the shoes to last as long as possible. A couple girls (seen in the header photo) went to wash their feet before putting on their new slippers. I was touched at just how much the gift of shoes meant to the children. January 1, 2013 will be a day I never forget.




*This site, Spaghetti and Slippers (spaghettiandslippers.wordpress.com), is not an official Fulbright Program site. The views expressed on this site are entirely those of its author  and do not represent the views of the Fulbright Program, the U.S. Department of State or any of its partner organizations.

3 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. It was so good to hear from you. We are so happy that you are now getting settled in your apartment. It sounds like your land lady will be fun to be around. Looks like she and her husband have a good sense of humour. I hope your nine months will be as happy for you as this past week has been.

    Take care and continue to tell us what all you are doing.

    Love you lots.

    Grandma and Granddaddy.

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